Next Generation Sale
August 9, 2014




Lot #3 C235

We wanted to start the Newton Farms consignments off with a splash! Newton Farms Ocean is out of one of our best producing does on the farm, SGR Polar’s Fine Design, who is also the dam of 2MBG Photograph, the 2013 National Grand Champion Yearling Fullblood Doe. We feel this doe has the potential to follow in her sister’s footsteps. If you are looking for your next donor doe, or just an all around show doe, look no further. She is show correct with 2 X 2 teats and reproductively untouched.



Lot #14 C278

Newton Farms Early Sunrise came out of a truly game changing flush! Early Sunrise had three flush mate sisters that all placed in the top ten of their class at the 2014 ABGA National Show, including one sister who won her class in the JABGA National Show and was second behind the Junior Reserve Champion in the ABGA National Show. Not to mention her sire, AABG NBD Square One, was the 2014 Premier Sire. With proven genetics like this, there is no doubt this doe will find her way to the top of any show string or donor program. Don’t miss out on this outstanding female. She is show correct with 2 X 2 teats and reproductively untouched.



Lot #25 C195

If you’re looking for your next show buck or herd sire, look no further! Newton Farms Relatively Prime is the total package, combining power, style, correctness, and color all in one. But the deal gets even sweeter, as he is an own son of AABG NBD Square One, the 2014 Premier Sire, and his flush mate sister won her 9-12 class at the 2014 Nationals. We are relatively certain that this buck will produce his way to the top, and follow in his sire’s footsteps. If you came looking for a Square One son, don’t miss this rare opportunity, as there is limited semen left on his sire. He is show correct. We are retaining semen on this buck to be used in our breeding program.



Lot #35 D015

If you want to talk about a doe that is a spitting image of her dam, here she is! Newton Farm Duece’s Purse is an own daughter of the 2014 National Reserve Champion Yearling Fullblood Doe. This young female is bound to make her mark in the show ring, just as her mother did. This is a truly unique opportunity to own a female that was never intended to leave the farm, but when we were asked to be in this sale, we decided to step up and put some of our best in the sale. I honestly cannot say enough good about this young doe. We have watched plenty of young females grow and bloom, and there is no doubt in our minds that this doe will be a game changer in anyone’s program, not matter where she goes. Her bite is show correct and her teats are 2 X 2 with a small spur that is show correct. Unfortunately her pigment is not quite there yet, but undoubtedly this young doe, with some time in the sun, will get her pigment as her parents are both 100% pigmented. Do not let this discourage you from purchasing a young doe bred in the purple.



Lot #46 C206

WOW is the first thing that comes to mind when looking at this doe! Newton Farms Minx is a one of a kind offering that is straight out of our donor program. Unfortunately, we have not had the opportunity to flush her yet. Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity to own a star in the making. In this case, our loss is definitely your gain. Minx not only has the eye appeal, mass, sheer beauty, and style it takes to produce a great one, she has a star-studded pedigree to boot. Again, we cannot say enough great things about this female. If you’ve come looking for your next show doe, or a doe you can truly base a breeding program around, you don’t want to miss your chance to own this unique female. She is show correct with 2 X 2 teats and reproductively untouched.



Lot #54 D408

If you’ve come looking for your next powerhouse show doe, look no further! RBMG Flaunt has already made her debut in the ring and sells with points. This fancy female is an own daughter of BDK2 AABG I Am The Law. We picked this doe up with the intentions of working her into our breeding program, but when we were asked to fill extra sale lots, we cut deep to bring this quality doe. Flaunt is the kind of doe that not only works in the show ring, but easily fits into any breeding program. She has many good parts to offer, as she is big topped, deep bodied, square made, and ties it all into a feminine package. She is show correct with 2 X 2 teats and reproductively untouched.

Lot #60 Harve Semen

This next lot needs no introduction, as he is one of the chosen few at Newton Farms. We have decided to offer 5 straws of EGGS Rockin Harve. This is a super cool buck that handles with extreme mass and hard muscle. He is a proven producer of not only fullbloods, but wether type kids as well. Harve will work in any type of program and will leave an unforgettable mark on his kids. He is an own son of SGG Next Dimension **ENNOBLED** and has ten other ennoblements in his pedigree. He combines not only the style, structure, and mass to produce champions, but has the pedigree to match! Don’t miss this opportunity as we are only offering limited semen on him.



Lot #68 C282

If your looking for one that is stamped for production, here is one that fits the mold. Newton Farms Luv Me Tneder is undoubtedly a powerhouse doe. She is not only square made, but has a massive top and hip, while still holding true to the doe look. This doe not only has future fullblood donor potential, but she could also crossover into the wether industry. Furthermore, she has a killer genetic background that will work in any program. She is not only an own daughter of BDK2 AABG I Am The Law, but is a granddaughter of Ward’s Cat In The Hat **ENNOBLED**, who was the 2010 National Grand Champion Fullblood Buck. Her bite is show correct and her pigment is borderline passing. However, her teats are questionable and will be looked at by an official at the sale. Do not let this discourage you from purchasing an awesome female.



Lot #79 C211

If you’re looking for a powerful buck to fill that void in your herd, this guy definitely fits the bill! Newton Farms Common Denominator may just be the right answer for your equation. He is made with raw mass, huge bone, and a structurally sound package to suit anyone. Even better, Common Denominator is an own grandson of TST1 Windy Acres Strategic Power **ENNOBLED**. He is show correct, except his bite is slightly off, but will pass as a 2 year old. Don’t miss your chance to own a great potential herd sire!



Lot #90 C302

If you are looking to make a splash in the percentage market, here’s your chance! Newton Farms Sea Angel is a young doe sired by 2M Boer Goats Armed Force, who was the Junior Reserve Champion Buck at the 2013 National Show. This doe certainly paints a pretty picture! She is as eloquent and pretty as they come, while still holding true mass and shape throughout. She is sure to be competitive in the show ring or fit into anyone’s breeding program. Don’t miss your chance to own an awesome young female! She is show correct with 1 X 1 teats and reproductively untouched. Her bite is flared, but is passable.