Winning Traditions Sale
April 26, 2014




LOT# 4
ABGA #10621155
D.O.B. 2/14/13
Newton Farms C108 Fullblood Doe
Newton Farms Drama Queen C108

Rather your looking for a show doe or just your next donor look no further. Newton Farms Drama Queen is just the doe for the job. Drama Queen is extremely big ribbed with a monster top to match she's just about as square made as you can make one! Don't let the fact this this doe is an American purebred sway your opinion on her she's sure to be competitive in the ring as well in your breeding program!



LOT# 16
ABGA #10632278
D.O.B. 6/11/13
Newton Farms C705 % Doe
Newton Farms Manicure C705

If you come looking for a percentage doe that's sure to hold her own in or out of the ring look in here! Newton Farms Manicure is one fine female she is so well made in her design so stylish and so well balanced that's she's a hard one to part with! Even thought Manicure is only an 88% doe she has a who's who of pedigrees!



LOT# 28
ABGA #10638188
D.O.B. 9/2/13
Newton Farms C253 Fullblood Doe
Newton Farms Darling C253

Newton Farms Darling is quit the cool package. She's just destine to find her way into your donor line up! Darling is extremely bold in her design with massive rib shape that ties into an awesome top and rear leg, not to mention the bone that she possesses. She's also got quit the pedigree her sire was the 2011 National Reserve Grand Champion Buck and her dam is also one of the best does on our farm AABG NBD Debbie a full sister to Square One! You definitely don't want to miss your chance to add this great young doe to your herd!



LOT# 36
ABGA #10641067
D.O.B. 12/1/13
Newton Farms C291 Fullblood Doe
Newton Farms Square Rose C291

This extremely fancy December doe kid comes straight out of our keeper pen! Newton Farms Square Rose C291 was never intended to be in the sale as she is one of our Square One daughters! We had plans of putting her right into our donor program, but when we where asked to put in two extra lots we decided to sell one of our keepers! Newton Farms Square Rose C291 is such a cool doe! She's so well balanced yet carries plenty of power to work her way to the top in the show ring or in your breeding program.



LOT# 40
ABGA #10631896
D.O.B. 6/11/13
Newton Farms C194 Fullblood Buck
Newton Farms Radicand C194

If you have been looking for a power house buck look no further! Newton Farms Radicand has got power of plenty he's so bold in his make. Radicand is big fronted with an even bigger rib super square made and ties in so well in all his lines you can't hardly go wrong here! Rather you searching for your next show buck or just your next herd sire the search is over Radicand is the man for the job!



LOT# 53
ABGA #10638186
D.O.B. 9/2/13
Newton Farms C223 Fullblood Doe
Newton Farms Splash C223

Here is a fine young September doe kid with worlds of potential! Newton Farms Splash is just starting to come together she's green but don't let that full you she's an extremely well made female with nothing but a bright future ahead of her! Just look at the bone and grow this young female has to offer she's sure to make her splash in the ring as a yearling.

LOT# 66
ABGA #10621150
D.O.B. 2/15/13
Newton Farms C109 Fullblood Doe
Newton Farms Darcy C109

Fancy Fancy Fancy is how I would describe Newton Farms Darcy! This super long bodied female is straight out of our keeper pen! She's not only easy on the eyes but she's got a star studded pedigree also! Darcy is an own daughter of the 2012 National Grand Champion Buck BSA CHECK MY SWAG! You definitely don't want to let this one pass you up!



LOT# 70
ABGA #10641066
D.O.B. 12/2/13
Newton Farms    C297    Fullblood
Newton Farms Bright Square C297

This fancy little December is quite the package! Newton Farms Bright Square C297 is the kind of doe that's bound to find her place in the show ring.  She's an extremely feminine doe that's a tick on the green side, but don't let that fool you. This pretty little doe has nothing but bright days ahead of her!





LOT# 78
ABGA #10632283
D.O.B. 6/15/13
Newton Farms C214 Fullblood Doe
Newton Farms Mystic C214

Newton Farms Mystic is a super cool made June kid that's sure to find her place in the show ring! Mystic is one of the few Square One daughters that we have left that we plan to ofer for sale she's massive made big rib big top big rear legged as we have all come to expect out of Square! Don't miss this opportunity to add this fancy female to your show string and breeding program.





LOT# 90
ABGA #10638187
D.O.B. 9/1/13
Newton Farms C245 Fullblood Doe
Newton Farms Kinda Sweet C245

Newton Farms Kinda Sweet is nothing but that! She so fittingly matches her name cause she's Kinda Sweet this young doe is going to have a tremendous career in and out of the show ring ! She's so well made and so well balanced she will remind you of a fancy little show heifer! Not to mention her star studded pedigree she's an own daughter of the 2013 National Reserve Grand Champion Buck ADVANCED BOER GENETICS GET A GRIP! You truly do not want to miss this doe! Don't let her late lot placement full you this is one to wait for no doubt !




For Sale
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Reg #:10548560



               RRD BRASS SHOT S916 **ENNOBLED** 12/2006 (10218337)
  RRD RUGER T307 **ENNOBLED** 12/2007 (10269132)
    RRD R879 (10202375) )
          Sire: C S B RUGER RELOADED **ENNOBLED** 3/2010 (10405280)
    JRA1 AGNEW'S SON OF GUN **ENNOBLED** 2/2006 (10221798)
  EGGS T351 **ENNOBLED** 6/2010 (10290476)
    EGGS R909 **ENNOBLED** 8/2007 (10182087)
Animal: XTREME'S KHAOS (10548560)
    RRD GAUGE P529 **ENNOBLED** 7/2004 (10136756)
  RRD DER 10-GAUGE **ENNOBLED** 6/2012 (10269008)
    RRD R684 (10180624)
          Dam: XTREME'S CRUEL GIRL **ENNOBLED** 9/2010 (10417552)
    RWF LITTLE GEORGE (10200026)
  RWF Y216 **ENNOBLED** 6/2011 (10271784)
    DMB RIPPLES (10134507) )




Reg #:10561482


               RRD -10B2B AK-47 **ENNOBLED** 5/2009 (10360231)
  10B2B RRD LONG RANGE **ENNOBLED** 6/2011 (10423778)
    LL581 CASPER **ENNOBLED** 6/2010 (10310318)
          Sire: SHOW ME BOERS/RRD PATRIOT **ENNOBLED** 1/2013 (10501931)
    RRD RUGER T307 **ENNOBLED** 12/2007 (10269132)
    RRD R898 CANNON **ENNOBLED** 6/2006 (10211111)
  2DOX RIGHTEOUS **ENNOBLED** 9/2008 (10307888)
    AABG/LOID COVERGIRL **ENNOBLED** 10/2006 (10212753)
          Dam: SHOW ME BOERS X29 **ENNOBLED** 1/2013 (10423089)
    RRD R898 CANNON **ENNOBLED** 6/2006 (10211111)
  ASH CREEK LIL' ASHLEY **ENNOBLED** 11/2009 (10312221)
    RNDS EGGSCESSORY S219 **ENNOBLED** 1/2009 (10255244)




J6 P64
Reg #: 10520639


               RRD BRASS SHOT S916 **ENNOBLED** 12/2006 (10218337)
  RRD RUGER T307 **ENNOBLED** 12/2007 (10269132) (10427284)
    RRD R879 (10202375)
          Sire: C S B RUGER RELOADED **ENNOBLED** 3/2010 (10405280)
    JRA1 AGNEW'S SON OF GUN **ENNOBLED** 2/2006 (10221798)
  EGGS T351 **ENNOBLED** 6/2010 (10290476)
    EGGS R909 **ENNOBLED** 8/2007 (10182087)
Animal: J6 P64 (10520639)
    JRA1 AGNEW'S BO-HOWDY **ENNOBLED** 1/2006 (10179494)
  D C W -BO JANGLE **ENNOBLED** 3/2008 (10306381) National Champion 2006
    DCW LEXUS **ENNOBLED** 12/2006 (10219339) )
          Dam: MCR CONTAGIOUSLY APPEALING (10423228)
    SLG "MONKEY BUSINESS" **ENNOBLED** 4/2006 (10189666)
  MCR 'S CLARA **ENNOBLED** 9/2010 (10276607)
    RRD MISS MISSISSIPPI **ENNOBLED** 5/2007 (10180800)